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Emily and Mason Vargo (1)

Envisioned by
Mason & Emily Vargo

​Contemporary Contrast

In their custom-built 1980s home nestled on 25 acres of seclusion in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Mason and Emily Vargo remodeled their master bath as one of many DIY projects to reenergize their home. The pair was inspired by the home’s contemporary design and brought its modernity to life by replacing the previous small standing shower with a new centerpiece: the Gridscape® 1 shower door. Keeping the bath’s original skylight and opening up the space, The Vargos created a balance of dark and light contrasts with the Gridscape’s bold panels and matte black fixtures accentuating the white countertops and gold hardware.

We chose to use a Coastal door because of the sleek design and great reputation, but also because Coastal is the only company we found that offers various, customizable panel sizes. It’s nice to be able to find the perfect fit and not have to settle for something less!

– Emily Vargo

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