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Envisioned by
Chip Wade

​Misty Mill Lakeside Retreat


In historical Milledgeville, Georgia, the original capital of The Peach State, it’s not hard to come across homes with authenticity and character. Chip Wade, expert craftsman and celebrity designer, experienced this firsthand after finding an original log cabin on the shore of Lake Sinclair. This location, Misty Mill, became the site of his newest remodeling project, where Wade completely renovated the exterior of the lake house and replaced its dated interior with a multifunctional, “Boy Scout Chic” style. But of the entire cabin’s renovation, the en-suite master bath and the foyer bathroom stand as two of Wade’s most impressively designed spaces.

“This is an inspiration house designed for folks who are looking for a getaway, like a vacation home, with the latest technology and design style for the modern consumer,” said Wade. “The inspiration for the Misty Mill bathrooms was for them to each have an identity of their own.”


Modern Industrial Bathroom

Wade transformed the 2,500 square-foot home’s en-suite master bathroom into an industrial-inspired haven. Coastal’s standout Gridscape® 2 shower door and its thick, black grids enhance the bath’s industrial features with handcrafted flair. He accented the space with additional stylistic and functional elements, such as urban-revival brickwork tiles, black cabinetry, a multi-head shower and a stunning dual-sink vanity. Altogether, the en-suite balances both masculine and feminine vibes for a luxurious, spa-like experience.

“This bathroom is meant to feel slightly more modern, but with a little bit of an industrial hue to it,” said Wade. “We have tile from floor to ceiling, making the space more comfortable because it has an earthiness all around it.”


Foyer Bathroom

The cabin’s foyer bathroom exemplifies Wade’s desired summer-camp atmosphere with retro-plumbing fixtures, like its bright-red, wall-mounted sink, and black-and-white contrasting wall tiles. But two particular pieces by Coastal make this bathroom genuinely shine: the timeless Gridscape® 3 fixed panel shower door and a custom switchable-glass window panel that becomes opaque when the bathroom door closes. That way, Wade maintained the bathroom’s privacy without sacrificing the foyer’s beautiful, wide-open view of the lake.

“The design intent for the foyer bath was much more striking, graced by a big, picture window with switchable glass,” said Wade. “The tiles and the red accents make this an iconic bathroom everyone will remember.”


Lastly, Wade had this to say about his experience working with Coastal Shower Doors:

“Coastal Shower Doors has a very strong bead on the latest trends and styles for the bathroom,” he said. “They have an assortment of design aesthetics, from industrial to more modern, and can be a great starting point to set the tone for the entire room.”